Face the facts: My twerk team is better than your muffin sale.

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Esther // 19 // IB graduate, UF undergraduate
Born and Raised in Nigeria | Currently residing in Florida
I believe a person's physical space is a reflection of their mind, and my room's a mess.




for every 50 notes this gets i’ll read a chapter of this book: 


What a horrible way to die.

They reblogged because they don’t love you. I reblogged because.. oh crap, whoops

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She looks so sure

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Hugh Jackman serenades the 2014 nominees for Leading Lady in a Musical category [08 Jun, 2014]

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being roommates with Lorde by Carly Incontro

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"everything jennifer lawrence does is just an act!"

here is jennifer lawrence in 1995


you know which girl i’m talking about 

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this vine changed my life

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Before we started we went paintballing together, went out for dinner, that sort of thing. It was all about developing what the members of the Riot Club might call “banter”.

Sam Claflin, Max Irons and Douglas Booth for Mr Porter’s Journal [x]

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"where is the lie"


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flawless queen natalie dormer shutting down casual “fake geek girl” crap

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Dylan O’Brien for Elle Magazine

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Running into closeted homosexuals from high school at the gay club


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Chimamanda Adichie - The Danger of a Single Story (TED Talks 2009)

Tell me again, what did you say about representation not being important?

This is a fantastic talk and anyone who has yet to see it should sit down and watch thank you very much.

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and i give you my future son lol 

Aaawww !!! He is fuckin it up !

He really gettin that shit

Because he’s still gettin that shit

This is honestly how I learned how to dance when I was little, by watching music videos.

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